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Once you've accessed the Mac App Store, use the search bar at the top right of the screen to search for 'Microsoft Remote Desktop.' The first search result should be what you're looking for.


To view this article as a PDF. Author: Kristenson, Joel Last Updated: 2017-12-12 Overview This article walks through the steps to download, configure, and map drivers/printers with the app. This is a free app available on the Mac App Store that allows users to connect to their Trail Blazer database remotely – this is the option we now promote vs. Using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client Hot Fix v1.2.1 app.

Tip: Not only does this app allow you to connect on devices other than a PC, but you can begin memory intensive processes and allow them to run in the background even if take your device offline. *You will need to be running the Mac computer as an administrator and you’ll need an to download this app. Jeopardy app for mac.

Windows Remote Desktop For Mac


Outline #1 Downloading the Remote Desktop App #2 Create and Configure a New Remote Connection #3 Log In and Out of your Remote Connection(s) #4 Map Drives and Printers #5 Related Resources #1 Downloading the Remote Desktop App Launch the Mac App Store app. The *required information you need to enter here is: - Connection name: Enter a name to remember this connection. - PC name: - User name: Same as your Database Name - Password: Provided by the Trail Blazer data team when your database is first created. Call 866-909-8700 if you need it.

Apple App Store Remote Desktop

The optional information you can configure here is: - Gateway - Resolution - Colors - Full screen mode - Start session in full screen - Scale content - Use all monitors The image below is an example of how I configured the remote session under the General tab. Enter your unique Trail Blazer User Name and Password, click [OK]. If you don’t have your own credentials you’ll need one of your database administrators to set you up as a. When you're done working for the day close Trail Blazer by clicking the red x in the upper right.

Then click the Windows start button on the remote desktop and select Log Off. This is important if other people in your organization are logging in remotely so that you don't accidentally log into their session. #4 Map Drives and Printers To print from a remote desktop connection to your local printer(s) right-click on the desktop you want to configure this for and select Edit.

INCRDP Gateway Welcome to the Remote Desktop Gateway! Remote Desktop Access Virtual server access from any Windows computer. Requires the Microsoft RDP Client (built-in to Windows 7 and higher). Macbook user? Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App (current version 8.0.33) from the Apple App store! Need to Print? Install the UniPrint Client for Windows >>> Install the UniPrint Client for MAC >>> The link below will prompt you to OPEN (preferred) or SAVE a Remote Desktop connection to your own computer (optional).