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Viber for Mac allows you to make free calls and send free messages to the worldwide users of Viber present on any network and device. The application synchronizes all your messages, call history and contacts with your mobile phone.

Though the app was initially launched for the iPhone, it hasn’t come up with the same level of functionality for the Mac devices. It seems that some of the features that are available in the iOS version are still in the development stage for Mac iteration.

Even so, the service has showed great results as a messaging service for now. The application allows you to enjoy your chat with some awesome stickers and have fun while messaging. It comes with a very sleek and elegant interface that appeals almost every new user. Moreover, navigating between all its functions is not a difficult task even for novices. To use the application all you have to do is to download and install the application on your Mac, confirm the code received by your smartphone, and start connecting with your friends.

To be able to enjoy the new features of Viber for Mac, users need to update their Viber mac smartphone app to version 3.0. It does not provide all the features and functionalities which the mobile version of Viber possesses. It is a great competitor for Skype and Messages for Mac. The interface for Viber for Mac is simple and elegant. Although this is the case, it wouldn’t be fair to say that Viber is a perfect app. Recently some users have been noticing that Viber won’t open on Mac. There are a few reasons for this: the app’s system files may be corrupt, there may be a bug within the app, or the issue might actually be with your computer.

Free App For Mac

Key features of Viber for Mac > Simple, elegant and easy-to-use interface > Supports video calls > Lets you transfer ongoing calls between devices > Offers stickers to have fun while messaging The Pros > Allows you to send free photos and text messages > Supports group conversations > Offers best quality HD voice calls > You can sync your contacts and messages between your mobile and Mac The Cons > To run the application on a Mac, user must be having a smartphone as the application sends the verification code only to your smartphone. Bottom Line Viber for Mac effectively works to make free calls over the Internet. Though the application has just arrived on Mac, its voice calling quality is far better than many of its rivals. Regarding video calling, the developers have to work a bit more to withstand in the messaging app market.

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