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The new interface is pleasant, the cross-platform features are a welcome addition, the performance is very good, and the Mac-specific features make Excel feel as native as any other Mac app. You’ve got a new Mac and it’s likely you’re never going back to Windows. Included with your Mac was the iWork Suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.These are Apple’s own alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Mac app for watching football game film breakdown How To Build An Excel Spreadsheet On For Mac Merge As App Budg. By Kayley Sparks on November 19 2018 17:37:34. Usually tax returns are the main purpose of producing small business accounts and invariably some analysis is required to show what the expenses have been spent on.

App Like Excel For Mac

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One of the advantages of doing the last Office 2016 product review is that I can leverage work others have done to save you, the reader, some redundant explanation. So if you haven’t yet, check out the reviews of,,. Much of what you’ll read about in those apps applies to, too: Mac-specific features like multi-touch gestures, full screen support, Retina graphics, a cleaned-up and easily-hidden ribbon, a fixed task pane that replaces floating palettes for formatting, integrated support for OneDrive, and excellent cross-platform file compatibility. You can read more about these features in the above-mentioned reviews; they work just the same way in the new Excel. (As with the other apps, you can only presently get Excel 2016 if you’re an Office 365 subscriber.) What else is new When you launch Excel 2016, you’ll be greeted by Excel’s clean new appearance.


You can choose from a colored header (new in 2016) or the usual gray header from previous releases. Workbooks with multiple tabs get a much cleaner tab bar, losing the fake 3D appearance.

Colored tabs are now colored with a thin bar, instead of a gradated fill on the entire tab, making it easier to read tab names. Overall, I found the new interface pleasant and easier to use than in older versions of Excel. Excel includes the Smart Lookup feature found in other Office apps. Smart Lookup uses Bing to show contextual information for a highlighted word—while this is undoubtedly useful in Word, I didn’t really find myself using it much while working on spreadsheets. But if you suddenly need to look up everything there is to know about the word “amortization,” Smart Lookup is ready for you. So what’s new and unique to Excel 2016?

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Quite a few things, starting with the removal of the Standard and Formatting toolbars. While you could hide these in Excel 2011, they’re completely gone—replaced by the task pane—in Excel 2016.

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I don’t miss them at all, as they were redundant and took up screen space. Also new is greatly improved sharing. Save your file to OneDrive, and you can then use a sharing button to invite people via their email address, copy a link you can then email to others, or send the workbook as either a PDF or native workbook attachment. Recipients can (assuming you grant permission) edit your file, even if they don’t own Excel, through Microsoft’s web-hosted Excel app. Fans of pivot tables will find a new slicer tool that greatly increases the usability of pivot tables. A slicer is a way to limit the data you see in a pivot table.