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2017-3-22ā€‚ā€‚Like other solutions on the list, BetterSnapTool allows you to manage your window positions and sizes by dragging them to one of the corners or the top, left, or right side of the screen. Optimal Layout is available as a free trial or download the full version on the Mac App Store. Other Apps Worth Considering 5. Window Focus ($3.99).


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'Most folks who use PCs are professionals' Rubbish. I totally agree with the comments of VelvetElvis and speaking personally whilst I used Windows extensively during my business life I probably use it even more now I am retired, certainly in more diverse areas of my interests. Have used all versions right up to my current Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the current version is light years ahead of those earlier ones. I have never felt the need to go to the Windows Store for anything and have never been prompted by Microsoft to do so. For many years I purchased commercial versions of necessary extras like security etc but since finding Gizmos years ago all my apps are freeware and meet my needs perfectly for which I an very grateful.

Modern versions do collect more information about us than previously but I use O&O StartUp 10 to simply turn off those inbuilt collection apps and the social media platforms have never interested me. I am amazed when users stubbornly stick to older, less safe and less efficient versions of Windows for non-economic reasons in denial of the indisputable technological advances. ā€¢ or to post comments. I've been using 123 Image Viewer for a while now. It's good but I find it a bit buggy, although I notice it's getting updated so I'll stick with it. I've also been using Penteract Picture Viewer which is also quite good but the same applies, it's a bit buggy and could do with an update.

Best 3G or Wi-Fi connects are not mandatory and requires only iPhone 3G or later or even 2 nd generation iPod Touch or later. The data transfer rate between multiple devices is high. Multiple photos can be sent at once and contacts can be perfectly synced with different devices. Free Bluetooth Share Free Bluetooth Share, it is an awesome Bluetooth file transfer and sharing app on the app store, created by tao xu. This app helps in transferring contacts, photos, videos and any file between two iDevices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via Bluetooth connection.

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App Store Apps For Remembering Window Positions Mac

But out of those two I prefer Penteract for my needs. My requirements for an image viewer on one Windows 10 device are simple. I just need to view images stored locally on my 2 in 1 laptop, preferably by using touch, pinch zoom etc. Nothing fancy as regards editing and so on. I can use the Windows Photo app for that. So I've looked around the Store, read the reviews, tried a few. The one app that I've found, so far, that suits my needs best is Photo Moto.

It's a simple image viewer for your locally stored images, no more. But it works the best with touch out of the three I've mentioned. Whats a good app for mac making. It's very responsive, navigation, zoom etc. I just needed an image viewer (free) that allows me to quickly load images and zoom in to see them in more detail - mainly for work. Photo Moto is proving to be excellent for that. Just a bit of an update from my previous post.