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Apple Microsoft Outlook App For MacApple Microsoft Outlook App For Mac

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My wife uses Apple Mail (El Captain - MacBook) for email from her work. This is an Exchange server, her mailbox is rather large (>25k messages in 4,6 GB). For whatever reason Apple Mail is not stable and quits several times a day. However the question is not how to solve this software problem. It is the reason why we consider to give the brand new Outlook for the Mac a try. Switching mail-clients is not a minor operation. Rebuilding such a large mailbox cost Apple Mail almost a day.

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So therefor my question: Anyone having experience with the new Outlook for Mac, especially connected to an Exchange server. How do you organize and sync your calendar and contacts with your iPhone. Hope someone can shed some light, Tjerk Zweers.

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I support Microsoft Outlook and while it's a more robust Exchange client than Apple Mail, It's also missing a lot of features you get in Mail. If you visit the Microsoft forums, you'll find lots of issues with Outlook 2016.

Regardless, you will have similar issues with Outlook. It's the number of messages in the Inbox that is the problem. She needs to archive messages to subfolders to reduce the number of messages in the Inbox. Exchange Basics The Inbox syncs more frequently than any other and should be kept as clean as possible. (this is the number one cause of problems with sync). Do NOT make subfolders under the Inbox.

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Any folder with more than a few thousand messages is going to take some time to fully come down when you first sync your account. Due to the design of Outlook's sync engine (and how exchange works), you will see the 512 newest messages in a folder at the initial start of sync then the rest of the folder's contents will be back filled before you see any mail that arrives after this point.