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Note: If you are not using an Office 365 or other Exchange-based email, see. For more information, see In this article Apple computer access You can use a web browser or an email program on your computer to connect to your email account. Web browser access You connect your Apple computer to your email account by using a web browser in the same way that you connect a Windows computer. For instructions, go to. Learn more about our. Email program access You can connect to your account automatically, or you can connect by using IMAP or POP.

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Why were your apps removed from Mac App Store? Apple has suspended our apps and we are working with Apple via their formal dispute process. We have updated our consumer apps in question to fully comply with Apple’s requirements and are in the process of resubmitting them to Apple. Oct 24, 2017  Outlook might now have the button on the Insert Tab of the Ribbon and your add-in should work. Mac Please reply as to whether or not this incantation and dance works for you I am an unpaid volunteer and do not work for Microsoft.