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YouTube To MP3 Converter Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac YouTube MP3: Here we are with a list of top five YouTube to mp3 converter apps. Watched a video on, liked it, loved.

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The glowing Apple is cool, but do you really need a Mac to DJ with? Pic: iCreate Digital DJ Tips reader Taylor writes with a very common issue: “I recently received my first digital DJ kit, the Numark Mixtrack Pro. I’m really enjoying getting to know the controller and the software. My question to you now is in regards to the kind of computer I should run on. In your recent blog post entitled you commented: ‘Of course, the laptop of choice is a MacBook, but don’t forget that a $400 Dell will also do just fine.’ Please could you tell me what exactly it is about the Mac or a MacBook that is attractive to DJs using digital equipment? Why does the debate rage so strong? And what should I keep in mind when shopping for an appropriate laptop in regards to hardware specification?” Digital DJ Tips says: First, try the laptop you’ve already got. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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If your current laptop can run the software, consider waiting until it needs replacing before worrying about it, especially if you’re a beginner. By then you’ll have a better idea what you’d like next. OK, let’s say you don’t have a laptop, or it’s time to replace the one you’ve got.

Is there an overdrive app for mac macbook pro. Now it’s a case of needing to know the minimum spec necessary for DJing, and to decide, as you say, between a PC and a Mac. The good news is that modern DJ software will run on most modern laptops.

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If you’re buying a Mac, any of the new ones will work fine. Check the minimum specs on the site of the software you run (here they are for, and ), but this isn’t going to be an issue unless you’re really cutting corners. Memory is the most important thing – 2GB minimum – and make sure there’s enough hard disk space for your tunes.

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More important is to get a laptop that is well built (as a DJ laptop tends to take more abuse than say an office-bound one) and from a good manufacturer. PC vs Mac That brings us nicely on to the PC vs Mac debate. The truth is that you can DJ perfectly well with either PC or Mac, as all major DJing software runs on both platforms. Furthermore, the components used in PCs and Macs nowadays are pretty much the same (overwhelmingly Intel chips, same memory/hard drives etc).