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Fantastical 2 is a workhorse of a calendar app that can connect to your iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, fruux, and CalDAV accounts. It then imports all of your daily event information into one unified calendar, which can be displayed as a full month along with daily, weekly, or yearly options. You can also display a daily event list on the left side with detailed information on everything you've got going on today. Better still, Fantastical allows for custom calendar sets with specific accounts tagged in them, time zone support, and more. All these features mean it comes with a $50 price tag, but the extra money's worth it. Bottom line: Fantastical 2 is a robust, full-featured calendar with dozens of useful features for any and all productivity.

With the official Twitter for Mac app now discontinued by Twitter, here’s a recap of the best available clients on macOS. All of these apps are available in the Mac App Store. Twitter app for mac not working. For some reason my twitter app is not working on my iPhone 3gs 4.0.1. I tried reinstalling and downloading the new version like 7 times already, but when i load the app it shows the loading spinning wheel disk and doesn't let me sign in or anything. Tweetbot 3 is the best Twitter client for the Mac. But the app will not cease to work — Tweetbot 2 is still available on the Mac App Store and current users.

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One more thing: It comes with a mini-calendar that sits in your Menu bar for quick access. • Why Fantastical 2 is the best Does everything a calendar app should do! Fantastical 2 works exactly the way a calendar app should work on your desktop: It's got a beautiful interface with customizable options for viewing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly events. You can even set up customized calendar sets that only show certain events. Those different sets can be toggled to activate at different locations, too: When you get to work and open your laptop, you'll only see your work calendar, but when you take it home, you will only see your personal one.

Mac app for running .exe. Choose the bottle you just created or an existing bottle and click Browse. Go back to the Bottle menu and pick Run Command. In the dialog window select the.exe you want to run. And create a new bottle.