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A great calendar is like a great personal assistant, keeping your days flowing smoothly. Without them, most of us would miss appointments, forget birthdays, and disregard deadlines. But no single calendar app is best for everyone. Everyone's workflow is a little different, and our scheduling needs vary.

Use the best calendar apps to keep yourself organized. The best calendar app can only be Fantastical 2. If you have an Apple Watch, there’s a dedicated app for that as well, which will. I have always been a tech geek. I have also always been forgetful, disorganized, and time-blind. Being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder — ADHD or ADD — in college, and being prescribed Adderall, was a game changer for me. However, the best things for my ADHD treatment plan have been the smartphone and the apps that run on it — apps for ADHD.


Best Mac Calendar Task App For Students Free

Some want their calendars to be simple and streamlined; others prefer robust, customizable calendar apps that track tasks and notes alongside events. Your phone and computer already come with a calendar app—but there's an ocean of alternatives that might be better for you.

Free Calendar Task Manager

Stock app for macbook. We surveyed that ocean and tested many of the best calendar apps available to help you find a digital assistant for your busy life. Here are the best tools for tracking events, organizing your day, and sticking to a schedule. Quick Reference Guide: Download a free PDF 'cheat sheet' offering an overview of all 40 apps in this post.


Mac Calendar Task

Download Zapier's Calendar Apps Cheat Sheet • Download in Ed note: This post was updated to include What Makes a Great Calendar App? Calendar apps have two core functions: They show your upcoming schedule and remind you of important events. The best calendars, however, aren't just functional—they're actually fun to use and help make you more productive.

For this roundup, we looked for apps that were: • Easy to use: If adding an event requires excessive clicking, tapping, or menu exploration, chances are you won’t enjoy using it—if you even use it at all. If you can’t find an upcoming event quickly, you’re also in the weeds.