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Worry not, we have listed top 10 Mac optimization apps for your help. These are the best mac cleaning software that will allow you to remove all unwanted apps and files in no time. 10 Best Mac Cleaner and Optimizer 1. Disk Clean Pro: This is the best Mac cleaning software. It lets users clean out clutter on their Mac in a jiffy. There is a fairly efficient Mac memory management tool that provides quick load of applications and good performance. MAC also cache things in free RAM of the system in order to quick load them from memory than hard disk for fast response. App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a fully featured Mac cleaning tool. The quality that makes it exceptionally user-friendly is the ability to spot all the temporary files and leftovers of the apps you have already deleted. This is considered as a general purpose utility for Mac OS X. It is able to thoroughly clean your Mac without leaving a single unnecessary file. It is easy to use and can be run every time you want to scan your computer. If you want a clutter-free Mac, then this app can effectively clean and organize all files in your system. It is also capable of archiving and removing unnecessary applications.

There are a ton of things Macs are inherently good at, managing its storage is not one of them. Your favorite apps quickly fill up your Mac’s storage space and before you know it, you are running low on storage. You can try to uninstall apps manually or find and delete large files to free up some storage, but that is going to take a lot of time. Picasa like app for mac mac.

Manually cleaning up your Mac can turn into a nightmare and that’s when you know your way around it. If you don’t want to deal with the headache and still want to free up some storage, there are some great third party utilities which will help keep your Mac tidy and free up some unused storage in the process. So, without any further ado, here are the 7 best disk cleaner apps for macOS you can use.

Onyx Onyx from Titanium Software is a versatile tool which can help you verify your start up disk, execute hidden features, run maintenance script, automate tasks, clean up your Mac and much more. However, today we will focus only on its clean up capabilities. Although a bit more complex than other apps on this list, if used properly this can become the only disk cleaner app you will ever need. It has a minimal looking UI with all features getting a separate tab on the app’s launch screen. When you will click on the “Cleaning” tab, you will see the different levels at which you can perform the cleaning tasks. You can clean up unwanted system files, residual app files, system logs and much more.

Cleaning App For Macbook Pro

It lets you scan all the files on the system and you can select and delete files which are not of use to anymore. Heck, you can even delete system fonts if you want to. You can go really granular with this.

Free Mac Cleaning Software

As I mentioned earlier, this can be the only tool you will ever need. However, there are certain problems which can occur if you are not careful with this. As you can access and delete the system files, there is a chance you will end up messing up your computer if you are not careful. But, if you use it correctly, it will help in freeing up space on your Mac, you didn’t even know existed. As if it was not enough, it’s also totally free.


CleanMyMac 3 CleanMyMac has been hailed as the best disk cleanup utility app you can get and rightly so. The app looks as phenomenal as it performs. It has a modern UI with very cool graphics to go with it whenever you are scanning or deleting files. You can scan the whole computer at once or a part of it depending upon which type of file you want to delete. As you can see in the picture I can release more than 5 GB of space on my Mac after I perform the clean up.