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One of the most popular bits of code around the Macworld offices is. We’ve, we’ve, we’ve reviewed programs that take advantage of it, and we’ve even. But we’ve never reviewed Dropbox itself. So with, it’s about time we did. And given that it’s free (more on that below), it’s about as good a candidate for Mac Gems as there is. Put simply, Dropbox is an amazingly useful combination of a Web service and a Mac OS X program that work together to make your data accessible from anywhere and to keep it synchronized between your computers.

Once you’ve installed the Dropbox application and set up a Dropbox account, anything you place in a special Dropbox folder on your Mac is automatically copied to the Dropbox servers, as well as to any other Macs you’ve set up with that Dropbox account. Similarly, whenever you make a change to data in your Dropbox folder on one Mac, those changes are quickly—almost immediately, as long as you have an active Internet connection—reflected in your Dropbox account on the Web and in the Dropbox folders on your other computers. Dropbox's systemwide menu If this sounds a bit like the iDisk feature of Apple’s MobileMe service, that’s because it’s similarexcept that Dropbox is fast and reliable. Dropbox is also more secure than iDisk, as files stored on the Dropbox servers are encrypted and are transferred using SSL. Dropbox is also smarter about copying files: It transfers smaller files before larger ones, copies only the parts of each file that have changed, and compresses all data for the trip.


App is good to upload documents and make them available on the go or at your other computers, but this is hardly revolutionary in 2018. Dropbox has pioneered that and credit to them for that. What irks me about this app is that you have no good controls to playback movies or audio files. Dropbox Paper For PC (Windows & MAC) October 14, 2017 By Pixie Leave a Comment Dropbox Paper is an application that will allow us to work online with text documents, so that several users can simultaneously edit the same document. Your Dropbox download should automatically start within seconds. If it doesn't, restart the download.

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And Dropbox is better about handling sync conflicts—if the same document is modified on two computers at the same time, Dropbox keeps both copies, adding a “conflicted” message to the name of one. If this is all Dropbox did, it would be immensely useful for keeping data in sync between Macs and for making them accessible from any computer with a Web browser. For example, I personally use my Dropbox folder for storing all my in-progress documents, letting me work on those documents from any of my Macs.

I can also access those documents using the for iPhones and iPads, and I can even edit them on my iOS devices using apps such as the. In addition, many Mac programs, such as and, can use Dropbox to ensure all your Macs have the same settings and data; and because your Dropbox folder is a standard Finder folder, you can use Automator or a utility such as to automate task across your Macs. But Dropbox does more—much, much more. For starters, the Dropbox servers automatically save past versions of each synced file, letting you restore any version from the past 30 days using your account on the Dropbox Website. (You can access this feature quickly by right-clicking or Control-clicking a file in your Dropbox folder and choosing Dropbox -> View Previous Versions from the Finder’s contextual menu.) If you’ve got a Pro account—more on that below—you can opt for the Pack-Rat feature, which lets you restore any past version of a Dropbox-synced file, even those versions more than 30 days old. But perhaps the most useful Dropbox extras relate to sharing your data, both publicly and privately.