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About This Game Discover the story of this point’n click and lead your town towards a better future! You’ll guide the community of Harmonium Point to a yet unbuilt future after a great war that ravaged the world. React to numerous events that punctuate the life of this town and build relationships with the other citizens! Customize your team and each of its members through a job system that allows you to adapt to every situation. But be careful! Expeditions aren’t free, and your choices will impact their chances of success! It’ll be your duty to ensure prosperity for the town and to make it thrive.

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Runs on: Mac OS X 10.4 or later Dynamic Keyboard v.1.01 Dynamic Keyboard is a small, simple, easy to use software specially designed to offer users an on-screen keyboard which allows you to type using your computer and an input device such as a joystick, trackball, mouse, single switch, among others.


You’ll also have to make sure that your equipment has been improved enough and upgrade it as needed. Will you make the right choices in order to help the town grow? Will you guide Harmonium Point towards the future it deserves?

Gather your team by choosing between next to thirty buddies, set out for more than a hundred expeditions and lead Harmonium Point to a brighter future! Key features: • Resolve 100+ events • Unlock 25+ buddies • Manage up to 9 buddies • Upgrade 10+ belongings.