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The app is one of the first news applications that hooks into your social networks like Facebook and Twitter to learn more about you and the topics that interest you. From e-books to Reddit to breaking news, these apps will help you stay on top of the stories everybody is talking about. The personalization of the feed is based on the people and news sources that matter most to you make it the best news app. Fuchs/Cult of Mac. Is a Twitter-adjacent aggregation service.

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Apple hasn’t talked about it publicly, but the company is hiring human editors that will curate content for its and work with publications to quickly surface breaking stories. When Apple showed off its News app coming to the US, UK, and Australia with iOS 9, it didn’t say much about how the content would be curated beyond publishers submitting their own RSS feeds.

At first Apple is just pulling in news from RSS feeds ahead of rolling out publishing tools for creating rich content specifically for the platform, but how will the company present the news to readers? Who will get front-page billing? How will categories and breaking stories be presented? We get a few of those answers in a new from the company seeking human editors for the platform, but there are still questions regarding how Apple will overcome the curation issues it deals with on the App Store for the News platform. Apple’s job listing notes that News editors will be responsible for gathering “the best in breaking national, global, and local news.” They will also be working firsthand with publications to “drive relationships with some of the world’s leading newsrooms, ensuring that important breaking news stories are surfaced quickly, and enterprise journalism is rewarded with high visibility.” And Apple won’t just be curating stories from the big players.

It also mentions a focus on surfacing original content from “the largest to the smallest” publishers. News editors will also track social media for breaking stories, according to the job listing, and “recognize and communicate key content trends to senior management.” So Apple won’t be relying on algorithms for News, admitting in the job posting that software alone won’t be able to “recognize original, compelling stories” beyond breaking news to curate stories and categories for readers.

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When you want to follow specific writers, publications, and channels—to see every piece of content they publish—nothing beats an RSS reader app. Mac google chrome setting for app in background RSS apps access web feeds published by websites, letting you aggregate and curate content you care about. Instead of visiting multiple sites, just open your favorite RSS app to see all new content in a central source.

If you're still looking for a replacement for Google Reader or Digg Reader, or you're just ready to start experiencing the web chronologically, check out the following 10 RSS reader apps that keep you up to date—for free. What Makes a Great RSS Reader App? For over a decade, Google Reader was the gold standard for RSS apps—at least until July 2013, when. After that, many users turned to Digg Reader, a tool designed as a replacement for Google Reader. But Digg Reader in early 2018. But it's not all bad news. There are plenty of other polished, high-quality feed reader apps that let you access the content published on your favorite sites exactly how you want to read it.

We have seen dozens of RSS Readers for Mac till now. Apps like Reeder, Pulp and NetNewsWire are enough to subscribe to favorite feeds, and they give tons of features like syncing, sharing and support for later reading services like Instapaper and Pocket. Feedly free. May 09, 2014  ‎The feedly app gathers the content of your favorite websites, blogs, Youtube channels and RSS feeds in one place. It is the world's #1 reader with more than 15 million users. The feedly Mac app syncs seamlessly with the feedly iPhone app and the feedly iPad app. The Mac app has the same array of sharing links as the Feedly web app, and they open in your browser. The best reason to use this particular app (aside.