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With iOS 11, Apple has provided modern authentication (Oauth) to users when manually setting up an Exchange account for the Mail app. However, Exchange Profiles setup via MDM will only continue to work with traditional (basic) and Cert based authentication. Airmail - Lightning Fast Mail Client for Mac and iPhone.


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Is there a way (either built-in or through a trustworthy add-in) to use OAuth 2.0 for authentication with MS Office Outlook client (on Windows desktop) for Google (or other sites)? Outlook 2016 still seems to only support password auth! The 'Outlook Mail & Calendar' (also known just as 'Mail') app on Win10 supports OAuth for at least Google and Yahoo accounts, but that app is missing functionality (found in 'real' Outlook) that I need. Everything I've found online talks about creating a client that uses OAuth to access, Microsoft's current webmail offering, but this is the reverse of what I'm trying to do; I want to use the client I have (Outlook, the desktop Win32 app that is part of MS Office) to connect to arbitrary (email, typically IMAP+SMTP) services that use OAuth for authentication.

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While this question is about a security feature, it's not really a security question; I'm just trying to use a feature that every other non-trivial desktop (or mobile) email client supports, most of them for years now. It seems impossible that Outlook doesn't support it at all, but I can't find a way to use it!