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Clearing the app data and forcing the app to stop does nothing. Upgrade to the latest version. The emails stuck that say sending is a result of the older app loaded. Go to the play store and update to the latest version;). How to fix for the Android Gmail app not sending email. If you can't send emails, there's a painfully simple fix for it. And have been constantly on the go and not around a computer. Especially via Gmail. While it does a good job most of the time, I have seen the Gmail app sometimes fail to send emails. Over Thanksgiving.

Is having her first experience with using Gmail, and, it, um, isn’t going as well as she’d like. The good news is that although Apple's Mail.app and Gmail have had a rocky relationship in the past, Mail.app in Yosemite works pretty well with Gmail, but there are some things that you should understand before you proceed. Gmail without an @Gmail address Many businesses and schools use Google’s mail service for their email, even with their own domain names. This is commonly referred to as “Google Apps” (sometimes “Google Apps for Business” or “Google Apps for Work” or “Google Apps for Education” etc). For the sake of clarity and brevity, I will just refer to “Gmail” for “Email which is provided by Google, regardless of whether it is provided by your school, company, organization, or Gmail.com or any of the other country-specific Gmail domains.” You can log in to your Gmail account either by going to or by going to a special URL using your domain. For example, to check my MacStories email, I can go to.

How to backup pictures on computer. Oct 29, 2015  Hi, I'm running out of space on my macbook pro and bought a 'my passport'. I'm trying to transfer my photos and videos from iPhoto to it but can't. I've read the iPhoto threads but don't understand how to follow the instructions.

Go For Gmail Mac App Not Sending Notifications

For the sake of simplicity I will refer to “Gmail.com” whenever I mean “the web interface for your Gmail account”. Do you have to use Mail.app? Ask any developer who has worked on an email app, and they will tell you that supporting Gmail is the bane of their existence, because Gmail uses its own protocol for email which is sort of like the standard email protocol (IMAP) yet very different in some important ways from standard email. Although most Mac users are familiar with Mail.app, I think it is not the best way to use Gmail on the Mac. Most of Gmail’s features work best if you are using the web interface for Gmail, so I would encourage you to consider using that.

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