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Hi Koku, We require the following details from you. 1) Is the issue confined to this particular file? 2) Are you able to access other websites? 3) Do you use Internet Explorer to download the file? If yes then which version (desktop or modern) do you use? 4) Have you installed any third party security software or antivirus on your computer?

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By Christopher Breen. Syncing all books to Kindle apps and devices More like this. Review: iBooks 3 is the best iBooks yet. Amazon updates Kindle for iOS with support for comics, book. Sep 26, 2017  If you didn't download it before, just use your Mac computer to download the app from ITunes (NOT app store on your computer), then go to app store on your ipad and choose 'purchased', you will find Kindle there, Click and select 'download an earlier version'.

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5) Did you make any changes to Internet Explorer settings prior to this issue? If the issue is confined to Kindle, then you can contact the Kindle support forum.

Download Kindle Reader For Mac

You can contact them here. Write to us with the asked information so that we can assist you ahead with this issue.

Kindle allows you to read more than 450,000 books on your Mac. No Kindle required. Already have a Kindle? With Whispersync, you can access your library of Kindle books, notes, marks and more. • Get the best reading experience available on your Mac.

• Access your Kindle books even if you don't have your Kindle with you. • Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync. • Create bookmarks and view the annotations you created on your Kindle. What's New in Kindle. Mac sierra how to set default app for zip

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