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Diagramming apps help people who have no artistic talent produce professional-looking organizational charts, floor plans, evacuation maps, Venn diagrams, flowcharts, and other visuals. I don't there is any software that is designed specifically to draw org charts in Mac. However you can give our tool Creately a try which supports drawing org charts. Other than org charts you can draw flowcharts, mind maps and many other diagram types. Take a look at our org chart software page to see if you like the features. Process Flow App For Mac Free Trial Pc Business Program To Make Flowcharts Microsoft Used Create Best. Home〉Chart〉Program To Make Flowcharts〉Currently Viewed. Best program to make flow charts mac. What program do i use to make flow charts. Program used to make flow charts. Best microsoft software to make flow chart.

Mac Flowchart Free


I'm seeking a Mac app for creating basic flowcharts and similar diagrams. Google has been no help; I've followed dozens of links to apps that either don't exist anymore, I can't find any real reviews of, or that won't run on OS X 10.6.6. I appreciate the suggestion. I spent about 45 minutes with OmniGraffle a couple of months ago, trying to make the type of simple diagram I'm talking about. Unfortunately I found it to often be counterintuitive and/or in the way. I've not managed to figure out how to, for example, not have a shadow appear on every shape I draw, a shadow that I have to manually remove. I grew accustomed to copying and pasting shapes that I'd removed the shadow from (along with other default formatting), and realize that with enough effort could make my own template, but why should I for $100?

– Jan 17 '11 at 7:22 •. I recommend Omnigraffle. Prisma app for mac It is a maddening program out of the box, with all of the defaults configured to please one of the old gods from the Cthulhu Mythos by HP Lovecraft, but it is possible to configure them sensibly. The ones in Preferences are easy to find, but the tricky bit is how to figure out how to set the defaults on drawing: click on the toolbar icon of choice with the option key down, so that Omnigraffle lets you set the desired default properties using the inspectors without having to create a graphic object first. – Jan 17 '11 at 19:37 •. That lets you create flowcharts. While not as feature rich as something like OmniGraffle, it does cover all your requirements: simple & clean interface, basic shapes (and not an overabundance of shapes), automatic connectors with elasticity, and it meets your price point at free.

Certainly can't hurt to try it out before you drop $100 on the Mac Daddy of diagramming programs for Mac. Edit: just noticed your last paragraph in your question. Not much I can do about the UI, but I will mention that. I know this is an older thread, but I would like to throw in my $.02 (since things have changed some since this was posted). Lucid Chart for Google Apps is a viable solution. It is free for basic diagramming, and there are very reasonable pricing for more advanced features. It even has the capability to open (and save) Visio documents.


It is integrated with Google Drive (for personal OR Apps Domains) and is real-time collaborative. Google Docs, of course, has a Drawing tool, but Lucid expands on it with some drag-n-drop features and other more advanced tools you would expect from fat-client apps. More information can be found but if you search in the Chrome Web Store, you will find it and can install it directly from there. At that point it is as simple as logging into Google Drive and clicking Create and selecting Lucid Chart as the document type.