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  1. Mac Block Outgoing Connections For App

I need to block Apple's email client from connecting to our Exchange 2010 and 2013 servers. App like alfred for mac os. Mail.appu ses EWS to connect to Exchange servers, so I blocked EWS with an IP filter.


Access to the internet is a service used by almost every app out there. Be it for automatic updates, syncing data to the cloud, or just to verify license codes every few days, a lot of apps establish connections to various servers in the background. While some apps explicitly ask for our permission before establishing any outgoing or incoming connections with the internet, or a server, most apps don’t, especially when it comes to our Macs. With the amount of third party apps that we use everyday on our Mac, it is hard to know which apps might be using these connections for hidden, unwanted purposes.

There may be many reasons due to which you might want to block a specific app from accessing the internet, including, things like disabling automatic check for updates, or even disabling automatic downloads for updates. You might even want to block access to the internet to prevent yourself from using particular apps when you shouldn’t be using them. In this article I will be covering two great apps that allows a user to block specific apps from accessing the internet on Mac: 1. Radio Silence Radio Silence is a simple, no nonsense app that allows users to prevent apps from accessing the internet. This app ensures that the apps you add to the block list are not able to create any incoming or outgoing connections at all. The interface for the app is simple, and easy to use.

Mac Block Outgoing Connections For App

There are no extra options to confuse you, and the app takes a “add it, block it” approach towards blocking internet access on a per app basis. To add an app to the blocklist in Radio Silence, you just have to click on the “Block Apps” button, and select an App from your Mac. Once this app is added to the list, it won’t be able to access the internet, unless you turn off the firewall, or remove the app from the list of the blocked apps. (Starting from $9, Free trial). Little Snitch Little Snitch is the exact opposite of Radio Silence. It is an app meant for power users, who want absolute control over each and every process on their Mac that is trying to access the internet.

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Little Snitch might seem intimidating to casual users, and people who do not want to tinker with the built-in settings on their devices. However, for people who want total control over the apps and processes that get access to the internet, Little Snitch is by far the best app. The app asks for user permission every time any process or app tries to establish a connection with the internet, and it applies these rules strictly, even to system processes.