Mac Mail App For Gmail

Here at WorkHacks, we use as our primary email service, and although Gmail is great in so many ways, having your email as a tab in your browser is less than efficient (and often downright inefficient). We are always on the lookout for native desktop applications to manage our Gmail inbox. Here are 3 Gmail desktop apps we’ve used and think you should give a try. I’m advising a great new Mac desktop app for Gmail. Check out my recent post where I show you a or go right to their and get yourself the app. Mailplane is the Mac desktop app that we use everyday to manage our Gmail inbox.

  1. Mac Mail App Gmail Archive

Mac Mail App Gmail Archive

We like it because it mimics all the features that you get on Gmail in the browser while providing a desktop app to manage your gmail separately from the (always cluttered) browser experience. You get access to all your Gmail settings such as labels, keyboard shortcuts, custom inbox views and google chat, as well as with services like,,. Although it is not free (you can try it with a 30-day free trial), the Mailplane team is constantly working to make it better, releasing new features and updates. In Mailplane’s they added support of full screen mode (for Lion), the Gmail Labs ‘preview pane’ feature, Evernote integration and Google ads hiding. We’ve been using it for a few years and believe it’s well worth the $24.95 investment.


This Gmail app for Windows works with any POP account including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others. Also, it works with IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. V app for mac. One feature making Inky great for business use, is the ability to exchange encrypted and digitally signed emails with anyone.

Sparrow is a and that takes a streamlined and minimalistic approach to managing your Gmail. Photobooth mac app for windows. It has a much different interface than what you will experience when using Gmail in your browser (or Mailplane), but that is the point. Your inbox resembles more of a traditional email client inbox, with your inbox selectable on the left and a reading pane on the right. It does support a lot of Gmail features like search, labels, starred items, priority inbox, one-key shortcuts and Send & Archive. Sparrow also offers a few like syncing via Facebook Connect to pull in your contacts’ picture, integration with DropBox and CloudApp and a convenient “Quick Response” reply box. There is also a, which we did not yet give a try.