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Table of Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • magicJack GO Overview MagicJack Go is the latest and greatest VoIP home phone device from VocalTec, LTD. MagicJack GO comes.

Skype offers a plan to call any number in the U.S., I purchase the plan for 3 months at a time for about $7-8 but if you pay month by month it's $3 a month. With the magicJack for BUSINESS app, you can make calls to virtually anyone in the world and send SMS text messages over WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE. How to download paid apps from mac app store for free. Features included with your service: • Local and long distance calling to the U.S.

Mobile app development vs machine learning In addition to its great new physical design it comes with a faster processor which means clearer calls and also comes in at a price of just $59.95 for the device and a full year of unlimited local and long distance calling. Future years of service can be had for just $35 each or $99.75 for 5 years. Recently magicJack has been running a special nearly all the time and offering the magicJack GO for just $35-$40 (over 40% off). Your purchase includes 12 months of free calling and free use of the magicApp (regularly $9.99). Image 1: magicJack GO Contents of the GO Package • magicJackGO • Power adapter • Ethernet cable • USB extension cable • Step-by-step instructions MJ GO Install Overview With the introduction of the new magicjack installation application many of the magicJack registration problems have been eliminated and you now have two ways to register and get your magicJack Go device operational. You can avoid hooking your device to your computer and quickly use the website or you can hook the device into your USB drive on your computer and use the software application. We suggest the MJREG website process if you want to avoid installing the magicJack software on your computer.

This also allows you to get the device all setup for use without a computer and simply visiting the mjreg site to finish installation and registration. For use with a computer you will have to use the software application for installation. The GO devices’ installation is quick, simple and easy and eliminates most of the magicJack installation problems that people faced in the past. Anyone with basic computer understanding and a high speed Internet connection can get it going. In the past consumers have had many problems with older versions of magicJack and their, but most these complications had been eliminated with the MJREG registration site and now magicJack has taken things a step further with a for those that can’t navigate the new registration site.

Magicjack App For Macbook

Image 2: How to Hook Up Your magicjack Go GO Preferred Activation Method Without A Computer 1) The first step is to hook up your magicJack to the Ethernet cable into the “Internet” port on the magicJack Go. When doing this please be sure you hear the ‘click’ before moving to step 2. Image 3: magicJack GO A Steps Without A Computer 2) The second step is to plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your modem or router. Most routers have multiple Ethernet ports and you can choose whichever one you like. Again please be sure that you hear the ‘click’ again or your device won’t end up setup correctly. 3) The third step is to plug the RJ phone jack cable into the “Phone” port on the magicJack Go. Again plug it in until you hear the click. Also make sure the other end is connected to the home phone you want to use.

Magicjack App For Macbook

4) The next step is to plug the magicJack Go into the included power adapter directly or using the USB extension cable. 5) The fifth step is to plug the power adapter into any plug or outlet 6) The sixth and final step is to open up any browser on your computer (MAC or PC), tablet or smartphone and visit the MJ Register site at and follow the prompts. (During this process the computer, tablet or smartphone you use must be on the same internet network as your magicJack GO device.) Here you can transfer your old devices account or start a new account. The steps for the registration site are fairly simple and straightforward but I haven’t included them because I didn’t install my device this way. *Some people will have issues with getting the MJREG site to recognize their GO device. Those individuals will have to follow the alternative install guide below by using the USB drive on their computer.