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2012 Co-founded MamaBear app; 2016--Sold to publicly traded Grom social. 1999 founded TechHealth; 2013--Sold as part of a $3 billion roll up. Describe what you have done, what you are doing, and the kinds of things you are interested in. Keeping an eye on your kids is getting harder and harder these days. The Mamabear app lets you use their phones to monitor them. Android 8.0 Users: Unfortunately, due to an application update by Google, some of our customers who are on Android 8.0 or higher may experience app crashing issues. Our team is working very diligently to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are experiencing a crashing issue you may.

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MOTOsafety – Helping Teens Drive Safely MOTOsafety mobile app and device are designed to help teenagers develop safe driving skills and to give parents peace of mind. The device attaches to the OBDII port under the dash in your car to keep track of your teen’s GPS location and driving behaviors: speeding, hard breaking, rapid starts and location. The mobile and desktop applications provide the parent detailed reporting on the teen’s driving skills to give them guidance for coaching your teen to be a better driver. Teens get independent feedback about their driving skills and parents get peace of mind. Report Card A daily report card, with A – F scoring, is generated to let the parent and/or teen know how well they are driving.

The more speeding and hard breaking, the lower the score. The report card provides precise location and time information on when and where the teen performed well or not. The report card is a base for parent/child discussion and provides a “third party independent” evaluator of your child’s driving habits – you’re child can’t fib about his/her driving. And the parent isn’t judging the child’s skill. Location Sharing In addition to grading driving skills, MOTOsafety is a location-sharing device providing the exact GPS location of the car and the route in which the car has been driven. You can even retrace routes on a map from any previous day.

Pick the date to see the that day’s travel route. Location Geofence If you are concerned about the teenager getting too far away from home or work you can create geofences that defines the area where your teen is allowed to drive. For example, if he or she is supposed to be driving to school and work only, you can draw a geofence on the MOTOsafety map. The parent receives a notification each time the car leaves the defined geofence area. Geofences can be as small or as large as desired (ex: to or from school or an entire state). Coaching Along with driver scoring and evaluation, the parent has access to a full suite of blog entries and articles that coach the parents on how to talk with the teen on how to improve his/her driving skills. MOTOsafety for Seniors The MOTOsafety device and app can also be used for the aging parents.

Mamabear App For Mac

If you have an older parent and want to keep track of where they are, MOTOsafety is excellent. Many people use the device for their teens for a specific time period and then give the device to their parents. Children can check in on their parents to know they are safe. This is particularly popular for children and parents that live in different states.

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MOTOsafety vs. MamaBear App vs. Canary Apps There are many apps and devices that help your teens be safe drivers but each app has its unique features. Key differentiators between several popular teen safety driving apps include the following: MOTOsafety App & Device MOTOsafety is a mobile app, web app and device. The apps do not work without the MOTOsafety device that plugs into the car’s OBDII port.

Pro: MOTOsafety provides the most detail about driving behavior and its primary purpose is to provide feedback to help your teen be a safe driver. Once you are confident that the teen has developed safe driving habits you may decide to disable the device (and possibly pass it on to senior parents). Con: The MOTOsafety device is attached to the car and therefore only tracks the car’s location.

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If the teen jumps in a friend’s car and drives away there is no location or speed tracking. This is different than apps that use sensors in the smartphone. Messenger app for macbook. The MOTOsafety device costs $79.99 and has a $20.00/month fee. You can choose to use this for one month or as long as you desire. There is no contract.

Picasa 3.9.141 - Organize, edit, and share your photos. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate Download, install, or update Picasa for Mac from MacUpdate. Picasa includes some basic editing tools, allowing you to crop your images or apply effects like sepia tone, but its most notable feature is facial recognition. Mar 06, 2014  Picasa is a program developed by Google, Inc. Whose function is to allow the user view and organize the pictures in his/her Mac. Picasa searches for all the images in your HD and shows them on an eye-catching and intuitive interface. Popular Alternatives to Picasa for Windows, Mac, Web, Android, iPhone and more. Explore 25+ apps like Picasa, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. Picasa download for macbook pro Just like Picasa uses a Google account and Flickr uses a Yahoo account, Amazon Prime Photos uses an Amazon account. Microsoft Photos – Picasa Alternative for Windows 10 Microsoft Photos is an image viewer, video clip editor, image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app.It comes in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems as a.

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• More info: • Direct Purchase Link: MamaBear App MamaBear App’s primary focus is monitoring a teen’s social media habits, however there is a driving component. This smartphone app can alert the parent if the teen travels over a specific speed and you can set parent alert notifications when they arrive at defined locations such as work, school, or home. There is no geofence, reporting, breaking, speeding, or other details provided. Con: If you set the speed notification at 75 and your child travels 70 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, you will not be notified. Pro: If you child is riding with someone else you still get notified of speeding and location as it is based on the location of the smartphone rather than the teen’s car. MamaBear is not a coaching device.