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While traditional podcast applications are centered primarily around the idea of subscribing to a show and having new episodes downloaded as they become available, the goal of ’sodes is to let users listen to podcasts when they want, without having to manage subscriptions or a download queue. ’sodes is a casual, cozy way to listen to the occasional podcast. There are no download queues or tricked-out audio features. Just tap a show, tap an episode, and listen. Some of the features that heavy podcast listeners appreciate are missing with ‘sodes, but the developers view that as a selling point: • Don’t-have-to-think-about-it visual design. – Made for folks who want podcast listening to be a casual habit.

(Beware expanding a previous review on the iPad, as there is no way to exit the view other than closing the Podcasts app and starting again.) How to Review iTunes Podcasts on Windows/Mac On Windows or macOS, you can use the standard iTunes app to leave a podcast review. Still having the same issue. I had 2.5GB of docs and data. I tried the download a larger app than you have room for trick and that only recovered 1GB from elsewhere but didn't touch the podcast app. While a host of different podcast applications have long been available on the App Store, ‘sodes is a new take on podcast listening that aims to make things a bit simpler. The app is designed. (Mac users only) Podcast: Rise of the Entrepreneur Podcast. Lou Mongello. It’s a super-simple, no-configuration-needed, drag and drop app that automatically adjusts the audio levels for your wav files. Think of it as an auto compression, normalization, and limiting tool. It does all that and more, and is much simpler to use than.

• No account required. – Everything happens right on your device.

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• No downloads to manage. – Tap an episode and it starts playing. ‘sodes also offers a customizable interface and enhancements that make it easy to use while you may be otherwise occupied: • Multiple color themes. – Switch from the Light to the Dark theme with a two finger swipe, like flicking off a light switch.

Do it again to switch to the Campfire theme for ultra-low-light goodness (useful for moms ’n dads up at 3am rocking babies to sleep). • Keep Screen Unlocked – A special feature for commuters: if you keep your phone plugged into a dashboard mount on long road trips, and you don’t have or can’t use Bluetooth controls, try enabling the “Keep Screen Unlocked” option in settings. This keeps your screen unlocked as long ’sodes is open AND it is playing (not paused) AND the device is connected to a charger.

Podcast App For Mac Computer

Because then you can quickly pause or skip without fumbling to unlock your phone. If you’re a casual podcast listener who quickly feels overwhelmed by other podcast applications that continually download new episodes for you to listen to, then ‘sodes might be the answer to your problem.