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Best Mac Apps - Essential Apps for Your MacBook. This $1 app drops a little keypad on your screen that you'd use just as you would the keypad on your iPhone. You can click on the numbers, copy. Speak & Translate Mac App ideal addition for business professionals. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for a couple of weeks. We were traveling to places that weren’t well-populated and many people didn’t speak English.

Speak Screen App For Mac

Then tap on Speech. The first thing to do is turn on Speak Selection. A Speak button will now appear when you select text. Also turn on Speak Screen, as that will easily allow you to hear the content of the entire screen by swiping down with two fingers. Here you also have the option to adjust the speaking rate, how fast or how slow it is reading out loud.

Dual Screen App For Mac

You do this with the slider: the turtle icon indicates slower, while the rabbit means faster. You can also have the system highlight words as they are being read aloud, which is a nice enhancement for those who are learning how to read, or have a reading disability. If you tap on Voices, you will see the list of different languages that are available.

Some languages will have different dialects, whereas others will only have one dialect. For example, if you tap on English, you will see the different list of dialects: US, Australia, UK, Ireland, and South America.

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Alex is new to iOS 8 and it sounds natural. With iOS 8 you have the Enhanced Quality voice for the region you have set the device up to. Amazon video app for mac. For the other dialects, you have the option to install the Enhanced Quality and it will tell you how big the file is. Now that we have adjusted our settings to make text speakable on an iOS device, let’s discuss the two methods. Speak Selection.

Speak selection will work in apps where you are actually able to edit, or highlight the text, such as Mail, Notes, Reminders, Messages and Safari. For example, in Mail tap and hold a little bit of the message until you see the magnifying bubble appear. Drag the blue pin on the right so it highlights all of the text or press Select All. Then press speak. It will speak out loud everything that is highlighted in blue. Speak Screen. The Speak Screen method is new in iOS 8, and it makes it easier than ever to have and use text-to-speech.

To have the screen read out loud to you, swipe down with two fingers from the top to the bottom. I found that when swiping, it is more effective to spread your two fingers apart to do this so that way you do not accidentally pull down Notification Center. When you activate Speak Screen, you now have a ghost-like menu that is reminiscent of. With this menu you have options to adjust the speaking rate – with the turtle icon indicates slower, while the rabbit icon means faster, have the ability to rewind, fast-foward, pause it or totally close the listening by pressing the X in the upper right hand corner. The content can be read even outside of what it is you were listening to. For example, with Safari you are able to do this method while using the Reader function, or without using the Reader function.