Spectrum Tv App For Mac Os


I have tried that and it got me nowhere. I was expected to do a speed test that takes a minute or more to complete to prove a buffering issue that lasts for maybe 20 seconds at a time. There is this idea that if I can not prove to them that the issue exists then there is no issue. Also, because their graphs for the CMTS that I am on does not show anything, there is no issue. Not sure what their graphs tell them but based on their 'graphs' nobody is experiencing any issues and we are all imagining the buffering issue. If everybody just believes that there is no problem, the buffering will go away. I have been having the same problem with this app sice at least 2013 possibly even earlier I just can't remember.

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Dosen't matter if my device is a tablet, laptop, smartphone, desktop PC, MAC. Dosen't matter if the operating system is windows, linux, mac OS. Dosen't matter if the browser is Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera. Instagram for mac free. Dosen't matter if my router is Linksys, Cisco, D-Link, Netgear. Dosen't matter if its 2013, 2014, 2015. Buffering, buffering, buffering.

Almost every tv program, morning, noon, and night 24/7 - 365. Time Warner cable's servers just can't handle the load. (The problem is not on my end, the problem is not on your end, dear reader of this reply.) After so many years of this it's now completely clear that this company is never going to upgrade the capacity of there servers.

Spectrum Tv App For Mac Os

They don't care. They continue to get my money anyway as my area has no other alternative for internet & tv. Well played TWC, well played. Some of TWC's services work rather well, but the tv app has never ever been in that number. On the PC: Horrible Quality, like 480P quality, always in some state of issue, like buffering or Flash plugin crashed (was more reliable with silverlight.) On The XBox One: Reasonable quality, but it hangs on loading sometime, and the app needs to be killed and restarted.

Spectrum Tv For Mac

Samsung Smart TV: Either it forgets my login and have to login 2 or more times a day, or hangs at 95% loading, until the 'This channel is not available message' appears. The quality varies, from very poor quality to fair -- far from consistant. During 5 minutes of watching anything, it can go from very poor, to ok, back to poor quality. Never once did I get anything close to 1080 quality.