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  1. Study Music App For Mac

Noise can make it very hard to concentrate, and for many students at school and college there is no quiet place to work in their home. This simple, free app delivers 45 minutes of scientifically designed productivity-boosting sound that can mask ambient noise, help focus, improve cognition and reduce fatigue.

See also: Any helpful ones we missed? Let us know in the comments! Image: BenchPrep is an interactive course library with all the graduate and professional exam study material you can handle. It includes hundreds of practice questions, flashcards, in-app purchases and almost 600 study lessons.

Go ahead and pick your poison: LSAT, MCAT, GMAT. Available for free on and devices.

Image: iStudiezPro keeps track of your deadlines, grades and more across all devices — all you need to do is plug your class schedule into the app. It comes with both syncing and integration.

Available for $2.99 for. The free version limits the number of classes you manage, but it's useful nonetheless. You've probably heard a lot about Evernote, and yes, you should try it. What have you got to lose. Your homework? The app syncs all your stuff — text, audio, photo, video — to an online account, so you're always connected with resources to study.

Study App For Mac

If you're feeling overwhelmed by Evernote's many features, check out this comprehensive. Available for broke college students (read: free) for and devices. The premium version is even more useful, at $5 a month or $45 a year.

Study App For Mac

Flashcards are an effective way to memorize information, but making them is a headache. With StudyBlue, use text, pictures and audio to create the perfect stack of (digital) flashcards; or, search the massive database to borrow someone else's. Available for and devices. Did your little brother steal your calculator once you finished AP physics?

Study Music App For Mac

Use RealCalc for serious computing — it's a perfect alternative for the calculator-less. Available for free for. If you need a heavy-duty upgrade, try for $3.49. More than 650 chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical formulas are updated in Engineering Pro — so don't worry about buying multiple formula apps. Save or Favorite the formulas you need most often. Available for $11.99 for. Image: EasyBib generates citations in MLA, APA and Chicago style wherever you are — just scan the book's bar code or enter the title.

The app also lets you easily email and export the bibliographies to yourself. Using this, you have no excuses for putting off that term paper. Available for free for and devices. Image: Some professors drop the most important bombs when you least expect it ('Have a good spring break, everyone. One more thing: We're having an exam worth 60% of your final grade the day you get back. Don't miss a thing with Notesdeck. This super-fast note-taking app opens to a new note by default, lets you create custom hotkeys and syncs notes from other apps — iCloud, Evernote, Simplenote.

You can even search within those other apps from one search bar. Available for $2.99 for. From thermodynamics to baseball, the Wolfram Alpha reference app uses its supercomputing Cloud to quickly generate answers — across thousands of domains — to all your research questions. Available for $2.99 for and devices. With more than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms,'s fast and user-friendly mobile app will decode that confusing media law textbook in no time. Available for free for and devices.

Snapchat app for macbook pro. See also: 11. Whether you're a Spanish lit major or just looking to finish your general education requirements, Babylon provides comprehensive dictionary results and translations for dozens of languages. With pasteboard integration and access to more than 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages, you'll never struggle to find an accurate definition for your foreign language presentation again. IBabylon is available for free for; Babylon Translator is available for free for. You have better things to do than copy and paste all day. Make light work of data entry assignments with Jumpcut: copy as much text as you want, one after another, and paste using simple keystrokes. Available for Macs only.