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Ring central app for android. One of the advantages of using Olive Tree’s Bible app is it’s built for mobility. You can read and study the Bible anywhere. Yet, there are times when you need more screen than your phone or tablet can give you. Lesson and sermon preparation are a couple times that come to mind when having additional screen real estate is of benefit. This is why we made the Bible app for Mac & Windows. Just like there are different types of study that benefit from using a desktop or laptop computer, there are resources that work particularly well on these platforms.

Two resources that take advantage of a computer’s additional screen size are our Greek-English Interlinear Bibles and Harmony of the Gospels. Today we’re going to show you how to maximize your use of these resources on Mac & Windows. Harmony of the Gospels Gospel harmonies are a great tool to manage the sometimes confusing chronology of the first four books of the New Testament. Did this event happen in just Matthew, or was it in Mark too?

Chromecast App For Mac

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How does John’s gospel fit in with the other three? A gospel harmony can help make sense of those questions. That advantage alone is worth its weight in gold, but Olive Tree makes it possible for you to view these passages side-by-side without the need to jump back & forth.


This functionality exists on our mobile platforms, but screen size certainly limits what you can see. For example, if you’re on a phone, you only get a single column of text, at most two if your phone is big enough & you put it in landscape mode. On a tablet you might get all the columns to display side-by-side, but the minute you open Resource Guide you’re left scrolling text again. Is there a better way? Read it in our desktop app! If your computer has a high enough resolution, you can easily view all the columns in the Gospel Harmony while still having the Resource Guide open.

This means you can easily read the text, pull up your commentaries, maps, and notes without sacrificing any of the text you’re studying. In the screenshots below we have the same passage loaded on an iPad Mini 4, a 10″ Android tablet, and our Mac & Windows apps, all with the Resource Guide open. Not only can you see all the columns on Mac & Windows, but you can read the full passage and then some. You’re not forced to scroll up & down to read & compare the passages because everything is in view.