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Download The Top Best Calendar Apps for Mac #1- Fantastical 2 Fantastical 2 is the fantastic calendar app once you implement this app in your life you can’t live without this app. Merely use your natural language to create events and reminder with floating time zone support. This app is among the best apps for Mac for individual use as well as use by business teams. The Home and Student version of this app is the most affordable and is sold at $100. The Ultimate is sold at $164 while the Ultimate Plus is sold at $217.

For more videos. All of the Mac apps featured in our video are listed below, with prices and links. ($9.99) - As the name suggests, Unclutter is designed to clean up your desktop. It's an app that's designed to store notes, files, and everything copied to your clipboard.

You can drag everything that's on your desktop into Unclutter for a neat, organized desktop that still offers easy access to all the temporary files and information you need. (Free) - If you often work with multiple windows open but dislike distraction, DeskCover is an app worth looking at.

It automatically highlights the active app window while dimming everything else in the background, plus it allows you to hide everything stored on your desktop with a single mouse click. ($9.99) - Dropzone makes it easier to copy, move, and share files with unique, customizable actions that let you organize your data with simple drag and drop gestures.

Drag a file into an application listed in Dropzone and you can copy it, share it to a social network, AirDrop it, and do tons more. ($15) - Bartender 3 is a super popular Mac app that lets you rearrange and hide icons on the menu bar of your Mac. With Bartender, you can put the menu bar items you use most often front and center, while hiding all the rest behind the Bartender icon for a much more streamlined menu bar. Bartender 3 is the only app on our list that you'll need to download outside of the Mac App Store. ($0.99) - Magnet is designed to let you rearrange all of your open app windows into an orderly layout for a clean, organized desktop. It's called Magnet because your app windows will snap right into place.

Do you have favorite must-have Mac apps that aren't in our video? Let us know what they are in the comments and we might feature them in a future video.

Top App For Macbook Air

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