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The iOS and Mac versions of The Sufferfest App can control the KICKR via Bluetooth. The Windows version of The Sufferfest App has no Bluetooth option at this time. Don't fret though, you can still use an ANT+ USB receiver for smart trainer control. Provides a URL which can be used to navigate the user of the app to the official Wahoo Fitness Utility App, 'Wahoo Utility'. This method is only applicable for the Mac OSX build. UlBaudRate: The baud rate for the connection. UcUSBDeviceNumber: The zero-indexed USB device number.

Photo transfer app for mac review. Best news feed app for mac. I notice they’ve added BLE support in the mobile app – I guess this uses wi-fi to talk to the zwift app running on the Mac – so eventually I could connect my sensors to the mobile app, have it relayed upstairs and then airPlay the screen back to the Apple TV.

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The ELEMNT and BOLT support file transfer via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) - a USB standard used by many cameras, MP3 players, and Android phones. Connect the ELEMNT/BOLT to your computer over USB to transfer workout files (in FIT format) and/or route files (in GPX or TPX format). Note: the ELEMNT/BOLT must be powered on to connect over USB.

If only the large battery icon is displayed, the unit is off, and charging - it will need to be turned on to connect. • Windows: ELEMNT will automatically show up in Windows Explorer and you can browse and transfer files similar to any other USB flash device. Note: it may be necessary to copy files onto a PC before uploading to applications like Golden Cheetah; uploads directly from USB may fail.

• Apple Mac (OSX): A MTP client is required to copy files from ELEMNT. Android File Transfer by Google is one of the most popular and easiest to use clients on OSX. (• Linux: Support for MTP is via libmtp, which is generally included with popular desktop Linux distributions. On some systems, ELEMNT should also appear on your Linux desktop's file manager.

Workouts are found in the exports folder, while routes are stored in the routes folder. You can identify the file you were looking for by the date they were saved. Once you find the correct file, copy/paste or drag it to/from your desktop.