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In this guide, I have directly compared four different types of Amcrest and Foscam IP cameras against each other. These types are; small and portable indoor camera, indoor camera with pan and tilt, an outdoor bullet camera, outdoor vandal proof dome cameras and outdoor cameras with pan, tilt and optical zoom.

While the launchpad does display every app that you have installed, it's easy to tell which ones you can delete right from there. This is an easy no fuss way to uninstall the programs that you purchase from the App Store. When you press and hold on an app, all apps will start to shake. Uninstall app for mac free.

Amcrest View is used in conjunction with Amcrest IP Cameras as well as HDCVI DVR & NVR systems. Configure your cameras together with the Amcrest View app to see your cameras from anywhere in the world!

Each comparison contains a detailed chart, a description of a target audience and an explanation of key differences and similarities. After these comparisons, I also provide some more in depth analysis around important common features that Amcrest and Foscam cameras both have, such as motion detection and storage. Hopefully the analysis will stop me from repeating myself too much! Want to know if Amcrest and Foscam are the same company? I discuss that here. Related Post. Target Audience These smaller, ultra portable wifi security cameras are a less formal type of security camera than other types of cameras.

Amcrest View Pro App Windows 10

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They are small enough and light enough to be moved quickly to different locations in the home to support different parts of family life. I think that they are targeting home users who want to use a smart camera to develop more fun ways to interact with one another rather than a means of recording footage of any possible intruders. These are cameras that help to bring the family closer. If everyone is out at work or at school, it is a camera that can be placed in the room where the family dog is. Everyone can keep an eye on him and using the two way audio, they can interact with them as well.

When the kids come home from school, these portable WiFi cameras can be a means that the kids use to quickly interact with Mom and Dad to let them know they are home. Or perhaps if Mum or Dad are still at work whilst the family is eating dinner, these smart cameras can help the family all be together. And finally, when the children go up to bed, this camera can keep a watchful eye over them whilst Mom and Dad are relaxing downstairs. Setup and Installation Key Differences Related Post: Resolution The Amcrest model has a 3 MP lens and can record footage at a resolution of 1296p, whereas the Foscam camera has a 2MP lens and records footage at 1080p Field of View The Amcrest camera has a larger field of view which measures 140° whereas the Foscam camera’s field of view measures only 120°. Night Vision Once again the Amcrest is slightly better because it has a range of 10 meters whereas the Foscam only has a range of 8 meters.

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Connection The Amcrest IP3M can connect to both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz WiFi networks whereas the Foscam C2 can only connect to 2.4 Ghz networks. Key Similarities Storage Both of these smart security cameras offer various forms of storage. Footage can be stored on Micro SD cards (these must be purchased separately), with a Cloud storage plan or onto a Network Video Recorder (NVR.) Motion Detection and Alerts Amcrest and Foscam both offer push notifications, email alerts and motion zones as part of the camera’s motion detection capability. Power The Amcrest Shield and the Foscam C2 both need access to a standard electrical socket. They do not use Power over Ethernet or batteries to power themselves.

Amcrest View Pro App Download

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Apps & Software Both cameras provide free apps that work on Apple and Android powered smartphones and tablets. If it is being used on an iPhone, both IP cameras need to have version 8 or later of the iOS software. If they are used on an Android device, the Amcrest model will need the device to be running version 3 or later, whereas the Foscam will need the device to be running 4.1 or later. Browser Access Both cameras can also be managed and controlled by via a browser on a laptop or desktop. A small piece of software needs to be downloaded at first in order to establish a connection. Pros & Cons IP2M 841 vs Foscam R2.

Target Audience These next two cameras will be bought by people to stay in one location for most of the time. They are not as portable as the cameras discussed above. The IP2M 841 and Foscam R2 are cameras which are built to be primarily used as security cameras. Although they have features such as two way audio, these cameras are bought to monitor and protect a home as opposed to bringing a family closer together. In fact, rather than bringing a family closer together, these cameras are purchased to protect the family and to keep them safe. These cameras are still targeted primarily to be used in family homes or in small businesses. Although the cameras could be mounted on a wall or ceiling they are primarily located on horizontal surfaces such as tables, worktops or shelves.