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At some point in life, everyone needs to use their PC remotely. You could be going out for the day with your PC back home downloading some files. Or you could have and need to access them without getting up. While a Remote Desktop Connection option on Windows has existed since XP, a mobile solution for iOS and Android was lacking for all these years. But now it’s available, and while it’s certainly not as feature-rich as or TeamViewer, it will get the job done for free.

In addition, the remote controller gets you the nearest printer with your Microsoft OS device. Therefore, you will be able to print any document from your Mac with the help of Microsoft OS! One more feature that can certainly amaze you is the access to your Mac from the Windows application. Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac via Mac Apple Store Even though they are both version 8.x or higher, the Beta version seems to offer a much native and refined user experience compared to the App Store version. With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience rich interactivity using a remote desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are.

You’ll need the Pro version of Windows 8 (or ) to use the remote desktop features through the Android app. Apparently they’re not available on the basic version of Windows 8. What was it that you said Ballmer?? More on remote access and VPN: For a more feature-rich experience,. There’s also an Android app for Android phones from anywhere in the world.

Talking about VPN, checkout our comparison. On Chrome, just use. Why and How to Set Up a Static IP on Your Host Windows Machine Windows assigns your computer an every time you boot up. This means that depending on the number of devices on your network, the IP address of your PC might be different each day.

DesktopMicrosoft Remote Desktop App For Mac Download

And MS Remote Desktop uses IP address to authenticate the connection. So unless you want to look it up every time you reboot your PC, we suggest you set up a static IP address using the steps below.

Microsoft remote desktop on a Mac I have a user that wants to use a remote desktop app to remote back to his Windows7 PC from his Macbook pro. I was able to download and install Microsoft remote desktop 8.0.9 from the Apple app store, but I am unable to successfully connect to the PC, it keeps on stating that the RDP client can't connect and to.

Remote Desktop Connection For Mac Download

Step 1: First, go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing center. Here, as I’m using a desktop connected via ethernet, I’ll see Ethernet next to the Connections option. If you’re using Wi-Fi, that’s what you’ll see.

Step 2: Click that option and select Details. Step 3: This window will tell you the current IPv4 address, the subnet mask, default gateway, and the DNS servers. All those things are important. Write those down somewhere or just take a screenshot. They’ll be useful later on.

Step 4: Close the Network Details box and click on Properties. Scroll down till you see the IPv4 option in the checklist.

Download mac os for pc. Click on it and you’ll see a properties box for IPv4. Step 5: Right now, all the options are blanked out because the IP address and DNS servers are fetched automatically.

To create a static IP, we need to change that. Step 6: Check the option that says Use the following IP address. Remember those details we saved in the step 3? It’s time to type those in the appropriate boxes. Once you’re done with that, click OK on all the boxes and exit from the settings.

Remember the IP address you type in here. This is the IP address we’ll use to connect with other devices. If you forget it, open the Command Prompt, type in ipconfig and press enter.

Setting Up a Remote Desktop on Windows 8 The quickest way to get to this particular settings menu is to go to the top/bottom right edge of the screen and bring up the Charms bar. Click the Search button and type in Allow remote access to your computer, or a variation of it.

Remote Desktop For A Mac

Click the first option and a properties menu will open up. Here, check the option that says Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer. Below, in the Remote Desktop section, select Allow remote connections to this computer. To make connections simpler, uncheck the option below it. Connecting Microsoft Remote Desktop on Windows PC To connect with another Windows PC that has Remote Desktop turned on, you don’t need any additional software. Bring up the Search bar again and this time look for Remote Desktop Connection. Type in the computer’s IP address in the Computer field and hit connect.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App For Mac Download Windows 7

You’ll be asked for the login credentials. You can also just hit Show Options to get an expanded view of advanced options. Connecting Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac from the App Store to get started.