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You might be wondering how you can run the iOS apps and games in your PC or you might be an iOS app developer who wants the best iOS emulator that works perfectly for Windows. Well, it very normal in Google search, ‘ How to use iOS apps on Windows?’ or something like ‘best iOS emulators for Windows operating system’. And I’m damn sure you are one of those guys who search like this and that’s the reason you are here. You are at the right place.

In this post I’ll let you know what is meant by emulator and the 10 best emulators for Windows that will help you in using and also develop and test your own iOS apps on your Windows. However, the market is flooded with too many emulators that may or may not be useful for you.

So we have personally tested and selected the best iOS emulators for Windows. There won’t be any trouble in installing or using, but still in case you find some problem let us know in the comment section below. What is an Emulator? In the world of Computers, Emulator is a software or hardware that lets you use your favorite OS on your current OS without actually installing it on your machine.

The iOS emulators for Windows and Mac allow you to use all applications that are on the Apple Store, regardless of whether your device runs on Windows or Mac. But an iPhone emulator for PC/Mac could also be useful for those who want to record what appears on the screen of the iOS device or share it with others.

In other words, it allows your computer to behave like some other computer running on different OS. An emulator allows you to use the software or apps on your device specifically designed for some other machine. You might have noticed that all the major games are revealed on the same day when new Play Station or Xbox is released but have you ever wondered that when there was no device how were the developers able to design these games. That’s where emulators did the work by letting the developers test various games and make them completely ready for you to play. This is very helpful when you want to try your favorite apps and games of iOS on some other devices such as or Android. So let’s have a look at the selected iOS emulators.

Ios app emulator for mac

10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows • iPadian If you have ever used some iPads then you won’t find any difficulty using this emulator. Just like we keep iPadian at top in the list of best simulators, so is the case with emulators. As its UI is same as that of an iPad, you can find it user friendly and easy to use emulator. You can easily access iMessages, Siri and various other apps that are your favorite.

Ios App Emulator For Mac

If you have already installed the apps on your iPad then you can directly enjoy them on your Windows device as well. With its best looking UI, clear indicators, choice to download different apps from App Store and app compatibility iPadian would be one of the best iOS emulators available out there. It is available in both versions, free and paid as well. Versions available: Free 10$ Premium version Compatible with: Windows, Linux and Mac Download the iPadian emulator from here.

Ipad Emulator Mac

Download link – • is considered as one of the best iOS emulators for Windows, Mac and Linux. It gives you simple access to download and run iOS and Android apps on your PC.

With this emulator you can develop and test your iOS or Android apps with ease. Also for running the apps it works flawlessly without any troubles. This software will be free for first 100 minutes and then you need to pay 0.05$ per minute to access this emulator. Versions available: Free for first 100 minutes Need to pay extra 0.05$ per minute Compatible with: Windows, Linux and Mac Download the emulator from here. Download link – • is another useful emulator for iOS compatible with almost all versiong of Windows including 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This software is easy to use and understand as its user interface is damn simple to understand and use as well. streams all your apps and games from your phone to your PC, so you don’t need to be worried about the setup downloads.

Iphone App Emulator For Mac

I will give you full and free experience of iOS with its identical menus, keyboard, UI, looks, etc. This emulator comes in a free version for first 7 days, and then you need to pay for rest of your life. Versions available: Free Need to something pay extra after sometime Compatible with: Windows, Linux and Mac Download the emulator from here. Download link – • Smart face Smart face is a popular iOS emulator and iPhone app emulator used by various app developers and testers all around the world. It is a fully featured platform that helps to increase productivity and is managed well. It reduces the cost of an app and also provides compilation error’s solutions and much more without any extra cost. Therefore, it is available in both kinds of versions, free and paid.

Paid starts from 99$ and so on. Versions available: Free Paid at 99$ per month Compatible with: Windows, Linux and Mac Download the Smart face emulator from here. Download link – • AIR iPhone AIR iPhone built a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC so that you can see the real screen. This is a free iOS emulator for Windows PC that support of Adobe AIR framework. As you start this software, it opens up its user interface, its looks like that an iPhone. Majority of the apps are already installed while other 3 rd party apps can be easily downloaded and used with this emulator. Espn app for mac. Versions available: Free Need to something pay extra after sometime Compatible with: Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac Download the AIR iPhone emulator from here.