Change Default App For Mac File Type


There’s no doubt that the default icons used throughout Mac OS X are indeed very eye pleasing. However looking at the same icons for months or years on end can get repetitive and old. In this article we’ll go over a few ways to spice up the look of the folder, file, application and dock icons.

How to change default app for all files of particular file type through terminal in OS X? Ask Question. Up vote 27 down vote favorite. How can I change the default app for all files of a particular file type through the Terminal in OS X? Changing.vhd file extension default file type. For power use, I like the accepted answer under a more recent Super User question, Is there a faster way to change default apps associated with file types on OS X? For simplicity, I like Daniel's answer below.

Change Default App For Mac File Type

Change Icons Method #1 – Get Info The first method in changing the icons I’m going to show you is through the “Get Info” window. To do this, right-click on a folder or application and select “Get Info”. Doing so, will open up a small window which shows relevent information. At the top left corner of the window, you’ll see a small icon displaying the icon that is currently being used.

Click once on the icon image and you’ll notice that the image becomes highlighted in a light shade of blue. Now all you have to do to change the icon is simply paste a new image on it. After the icon is selected paste your image by using the keyboard shortcut for paste which is Command + V. Important: You must open the image first, then copy and paste the image. If you just copy the image file then paste it on the icon it won’t display the actual image as an icon, it’ll just display the image file icon as the icon. To elaborate, double-click the image, which by default would open in the Preview app.

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From the Preview app, copy it using either Command + C or from the menubar, Edit -> Copy. While this method is incredibly simple and easy to use, it does have it’s limitations.

How To Change Default App For Extension

For instance, this method only allows changing one folder icon at a time. Also this method doesn’t working for customizing certain icons such as the trash icon, to change the trash icon you’d need an application like LiteIcon. Change Icons Method #2 – LiteIcon is a free application (donationware), which makes customizing your Mac icons incredibly easy and intuitive. It was also recently updated to work with Mavericks.