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The DIRECTV app for the iPad is one of the most beautiful, futuristic apps available for the iPad. It’s more than the sum of its parts, astonishing, gorgeous and more than we might have expected from this company.

But it has one flaw that is correctable. This app was released by DIRECTV on February 28th, and TMO covered the news the next day.

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Was covered in that story. I should reiterate here that to use this app you must have a a DIRECTV HD Receiver or DIRECTV DVR (like an HR-20 or HR-22) with an Ethernet port, and of course, a broadband connection. The DVR will, of course, offer more capabilities.

To recap, what you get is a gorgeous app that has several panels or screens. The home panel displays what you’re currently watching, your favorite channels, and what’s happening with your favorite sports team.

Mar 30, 2009  • DIRECTV customers must have a residential home account registered on DIRECTV’s website to access DIRECTV for iPhone •Core app functionality requires use of your location data and Public IP address • Watching select Live TV Streaming channels outside the home requires an active Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. Nov 30, 2016  Simply install the DIRECTV NOW app and join the streaming revolution! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings.

The options range from iMovie ( iMovie: Record video with the FaceTime HD camera), to Photo Booth ( How do you record video in Photo Booth) or you can go with QuickTime (. What software or app can i use on my mac for video shooting.

Other display panels duplicate and enhance the functions of your standard remote control. These are enabled with the buttons along the bottom. One thing I especially like about the Home panel is that you can specify your favorite channels.

Directv App For Mac Os X

Once you do, the app will show what’s currently playing on each of those channels. Home Screen What it isn’t designed to do is display the current show, live, on the iPad itself. The app’s Remote panel brings up a gorgeous remote that duplicates the functions of your white DIRECTV remote control. It’s a giddy feeling at first to be using your iPad to control your HDTV, and the response is fast enough that there no annoying lag time that would take the fun out of using this remote. Photo directory app for mac. Note that the “Exit” button at the bottom of the remote display doesn’t cancel the virtual remote control.