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The new iPhone, with the app Homecourt, can track your makes in misses when practicing basketball. It also can produce a shot chart and heat map. #AppleEvent #iphoneXS. HomeCourt is a shot tracking iOS app for basketball players that uses artificial intelligence. HomeCourt was an ideal presenter at Apple’s fall product showcase for demonstration on one of the. Jun 12, 2016  Download, Install & Play Ketchapp Basketball for PC on a Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows XP & MAC OS using the steps illustrated. But before moving to that part, let me give you a slight overview as to what this game has to offer.

And while the Kindle app doesn’t have that page-turning animation that iBooks boasts, there’s something about reading on the Mac that seems even less like flipping through a book. Is there a kindle app for mac

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Apple • recently highlighted an app that uses an and machine learning to understand whether a basketball shot went in the hoop or not. • The company, Nex Team, was founded by former Apple employees and is based in San Jose, California. • The app, HomeCourt, is backed by a range of basketball insiders, including Mark Cuban, Sam Hinkie, Jeremy Lin, and Steve Nash. • The app can determine metrics like how high you jump or what the arc of the ball is using artificial intelligence and the iPhone's camera.

Ncaa Basketball App For Droid


For HomeCourt co-founder David Lee, the idea for his startup came because he couldn't hit a shot. He was making web apps for Apple when one night he was playing in a recreational basketball game, and his wife and two daughters dropped by to watch him play. 'I couldn’t make a single shot in front of them,' Lee told Business Insider.

Homecourt Basketball App For Mac Computer

So, he wondered, 'can I make my phone understand my game?' At first, he just wanted to write software that would automatically cut the footage into a highlight reel so that his family could see that he could actually make shots. But less than two years later, he was standing on stage with NBA legend Steve Nash at Apple's iPhone XS launch showing off his app. It's a rapid rise for HomeCourt, a product out of a young San Jose startup called Nex Team founded by Apple, Facebook, and Google veterans that uses machine learning to understand what's happening on a basketball court.

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On Tuesday, the startup launched the feature that it revealed on stage at Apple, called Shot Science — the app can now track a number of different metrics that affect how accurate a shooter is, including how long it takes to release the ball, how high you jump, and the angle the ball is released at, using nothing but an iPhone and its camera. It can also track how many shots you take during a session, and the percentage of them you make and where they were taken from.