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For the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini please note that you'll have to provide your own monitor, mouse, and keyboard. All of these can be found at a second hand goods store for under $100. All of these can be found at a second hand goods store for under $100. Mar 29, 2016  I'm a Web Developer who has always used Windows until my last freelance Job where I was provided an iMac 27 inch at the company's office for a month. I now prefer to do development on a Mac and would also like the option of doing ios apps. So I need a Mac that can run photoshop, dreamweaver ect and be fast enough to multitask. Please note that you cannot develop iPhones on Mac with G4 or G5 processors. /edit: According to MacTracker, it will be a Mac mini of the first generation, e.g. With a G4 processor (all others have different speeds). Don't buy it as you won't be able to develop iPhone applications with it.

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Ask HN: Can you do IOS/XCode development on Mac Mini (1.4 Ghz) Hacker News 8 points by Need advice on whether you can do IOS Dev on a Mini the 1.4 Ghz (2 core i5). Im from india and you can get this machine here (on for INR 32K (about USD 500). There is a higher spec'd mini at 2.5 Ghz That costs about INR 50K (about USD 800), but I'm trying to see how far I could get with the cheapest model. App delete for mac free.

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Whether this is your first Apple computer or you are just looking to upgrade, this guide will walk you through what things to look for when buying a Mac for app development. If you're wondering if you even need a Mac to make apps, check out this post.