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Dear community! Read scripture app for kindle. One thing that has been annoying me forever and is the one thing that Amazon stubbornly refuses: the impossibility to copy text from their PC/Mac reading apps. I actually think that this is precisely the reason why I haven’t been using Kindle books more for research, having to type-copy everything just made me get the books, not from Amazon though because I get a huge discount from another retailer. And everytime I resort to a Kindle book, it gets tricky. I have to restrain myself to “only use the Paperwhite” because then I could use Clippings Converter or use the Kindle cloud service.

But that is not exactly the way it should work. Often, highlights are just pointers and you need the surrounding paragraph to know the context of a quote, which then entails “manually synchronizing” the the clippings file and text, which is even more awkward than typing from one window to another, on the same computer. Everything could be so perfect: you read anywhere, go back to your computer to find everything highlighted there ready to copy to your paper/article/website etc, but it isn’t. At least not for non-US users. Customers from the US are free to copy from their computer app to their heart’s desire, which gave me the idea: “hey, there must be something in the settings somewhere that can be changed”. Only, I couldn’t find it.

The reasoning is this: the app must somehow determine where it is (since it is the same app no matter where you download it) and accordingly enable or disable the “copy” feature. And since it cannot do that at any time (e.g. When the internet is off), I hope that there is a line in some settings file that stores this information. And I hope that this could lead to a permanent modification that would finally enable the copy feature for everyone. I’m not tech-savy enough to find that setting, let alone determine its dependence on external factors, but I would hope that someone here is and come up with a step-by-step solution to getting a Kindle for PC/Mac (I’m actually on the Mac myself) app that *allows* copying of text. (Disclaimer: I am not asking for a way to circumvent DRM, I am only asking for the location of a line of code that controls a certain feature in a computer application, something that is undeniably there.).

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Kindle App For Mac Computer

Quote: Widower and local worthy Sir Benjamin Hayner died and left the management of his vast estates and all his fortune to an impoverished gentlewoman, Harriet Metcalf. Miss Metcalf was to hold control of said estates and fortune until Sir Benjamin’s twin daughters, Sarah and Annabelle, should reach the age of twenty-one. The twins were only eighteen years old. Harriet Metcalf, their godmother, was a mere twenty-five years old.

The Wicked Godmother (A House for the Season) (Kindle Locations 151-154). Constable Robinson.

Kindle Edition. I just tried this on two PCs and one had the copy item when you highlight, the other had 'search' in its place. Initially they were different versions so I upgraded the one that was further behind. No difference. Went through the user settings, went through the registry settings and made them the same - no difference. Now there is one BIG difference in that the 'non-copy' version was running through Wine on Linux.

I suppose they could be somehow detecting that but I think that if that were the case they'd do more than disable copy. IMHO there's either some hidden setting that's different, or it's a bug that causes the copy button to disappear, or some secondary effect of being on Wine. Since it also happens on Mac apparently I veer toward one of the first two.