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Thanks for your support -- It does make a difference I recently had a new Mac, and that made me revisit my terminal setup, which I’m now sharing with you. The Terminal Itself When I had my old MacBook in 2014, I wanted to go full experience, got iTerm2 and Oh My Zsh. ITerm2 Vs Default Terminal Later I learned that if I wanted to get a consistent experience, it’s easier to just use the built-in, and it’s not that bad. I still made some modifications to it. I found most commands work better with dark shell so I duplicaed the “Pro” theme and used it (a duplicate was just to increase font size).

I also used (via Homebrew) to get a beautiful prompt with full path and git status. And there’s a lot more when I talk about dot files and.bashrc Oh My Zsh Vs Bash I also learned that from time to time you’d hit a few subtle script differences between Oh My Zsh and the default Bash, usually arround having to quote some strings that Bash doesn’t require quoting. This made copying and pasting commands from tutorials etc a pain sometimes, so I defaulted to Bash this time. You see the pattern here, I try to utilise the power of defaults. Homebrew There’re a lot more Brew apps than there are for Mac Ports. Some of you might even not have heard of the latter, so, I just use Brew.

One thing I learned over time is that if something has an installer, I’d better use that installer itself, unless the installer is really a shell script itself. I’ll talk about each case separately below. Terminal Dot File Tweaks:.profile,.bash_profile, and.bashrc I got quite confused between the 3 files at first, and head to learn about all this crap about login shells and non login shells, and how Mac is not standard itself. I ended up changing my files as below:.bash_profile Run the terminal-type-agnoistic (forgive my lack of clever wording here).profile file if it exists. Relative.bashrc Files!! This is a good one, and the motivation for writing this blog post, seriously. I like to have the latest version of everything I use, but I had a React Native project that required Node 8 (for some dependencies that are not updated yet), and Java 8 (for Android).


Terminal App For Mac

'how to open a terminal window in MAC'. If is missing, you could reinstall macOS, on top of your current installation. I mean even though you have macOS installed install it again over top of what you already have installed, without deleting or erasing anything. The Competition. The competition for apps like this is pretty thin on Windows. If you don't like Console, you'll probably want to check out PowerCmd as your next option. It's a bit pricier at $30.

I decided that I’m going to install multiple versions of Java and Node (via NVM), and pre-select the correct version in my project folder using a.bashrc file. I wanted the versions to be pre-selected for me so I have to remember to select them less often. Then came the idea: What if the terminal could load a.bashrc file for me automatically based on directory?

I usually use VS Code integrated terminal, or use its menu to start the terminal app in the project directory, so that will work great. But the.bashrc file will have to live outside outside of the repository, because I cannot modify the repository for everyone else or a file that gets lost with git clean -dfx, so it needs to be something like. Remember that I’m a true newbie when it comes to this stuff.

There’s probably a better way to write this, and I probably should have capitalised bashrc_dir, and sure violated other bash conversions, but it works! I’ll talk below about what it enabled me to do. Bash Completions For a long time I felt that I wasn’t getting any tab completion (auto-complete menu on pressing tab after a command) in my new setup. At first I thought it was just Bash vs Zsh, but I recently learned that I can enhance it a bit. I installed bash-completion using Homebrew, which was not enough by itself, so I added the following to my home dir ~/.bashrc. Now I started seeing completions. For example if I type npm run inside a folder with package.json file, and press TAB twice (not sure why twice), I see a list of npm scripts.

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