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Self Control App Review

Download You can recognize the situation that you have a lot to do but there will not be future because you are distracted by your favorite websites or email accounts. With the free application SelfControl for Mac computers, you can use this for a set period of time completely block you optimally in your work to focus on. SelfControl is a free application for Mac OS.

THIS IS A MOCK APP CREATED FOR A COLLEGE COURSE. IT IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE MAC APP IN ANY WAY AND ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE CREATORS OF THE SELFCONTROL MAC APP. I AM NOT CREATING AN IPHONE APP, JUST DESIGNED IT FOR CLASS. Procrastinating too much? Does your iPhone distract you from the things that you have to do? SelfControl is here to simulate the self control that you may not have.

As the name already says the program will help you to give yourself to master. Best app for monitoring mac. Do it by visiting sites and e-mail accounts that you on a black list to block. These are not more accessible for the number of minutes that you set. Even when you delete or restart the computer. After installation of SelfControl place all the distracting sites on a black list.