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See our step-by-step instructions for increasing the text size on Mac OS overall, changing the icon font size and enlarging the finder sidebar's font.

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  1. Increase Font Size In Gmail

Increase Font Size In Gmail

This is a huge issue for all of us who really care how we are perceived by our colleagues in the Windows world. As of the time of this post, I've found 3 ways to address this, none of which are ideal. The core issue is that OS X Mail's 'default message font' controls only the display of the font locally. It does not send the font's specifications into the outgoing email. As a result, any client (Outlook included) will simply display your message in its default reader font: Times New Roman.

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To solve the issue you have to explicitly force a font 'change' into your message so OS X Mail will send font-formatting instructions within your Rich Text email. I've found these as the three ways to do this: • Use your Signature to Set the Font - Set your signature to anything you like, but add a couple of extra lines above it and set those lines to the font you want. Apple Mail still puts a single line at the top of your message, but as long as you start typing on the SECOND line and delete that first line, you'll get the font you specify into the outgoing message. • Plug In Software - For $4.99 in the Apple Store there is an app called MessageFont (also see messagefont.com) that changes the font for you automatically to any font you want. Unfortunately, it works by overriding keyboard shortcuts for new messages (which is probably the best it can do given the limitations in Apple Mail APIs).