Slow Down Music App For Mac

Slow Down Music App For Mac

Amazing Slow Downer is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Click on one of the links below to read more, look at a screenshot, listen to some audio samples or download the trial version.

If you like to dabble in music, then at some point you will most likely have wanted to play a song you heard somewhere be it on the radio, or wherever. You may also be trying to learn a new language using audio tracks and wish that the speaker would slow down or you may even be and the narrator is speaking way too slowly. A great way to learn how to play this song, and finish your audiobook within your lifetime is available to those of us with android devices. The apps I will cover today allow you to slow down or speed up audio tracks. Music Speed Changer By Single Minded Productions, LLC The user interface of is quite nice to look at and has a crisp appearance. Users will have no problems navigating it.

Slow down music for mac free download - Winamp for Mac, Phone to Mac, Pitch Switch for Mac, and many more programs. View all Mac apps. Popular iOS Apps WhatsApp Messenger. There are some great iphone/ipad apps to slow down music and help you learn pieces, play along with pieces/backing tracks or transcribe music. The first is called Anytune Pro. Free stitch screenshot app for mac. This is a full function app that can help with practicing music or transcribing music.

Changing the speed/tempo is a breeze and users have precise control over their desired tempo. Either use the slider or enter the percentage value by which you want to decrease or increase the current tempo. Entering a negative value decreases the tempo while a positive value increases it. In addition to changing the speed, the can also be changed.


Use the slider to increase or decrease the pitch by your desired amount of semitones or enter your desired value manually. Users also have the option of looping a portion of the track.

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However, as to where the loop is set to occur on the progress bar, so you will have to work purely using your ear for this one. Press the right arrow to set the start point and the left one to set the end point.

This app works well, allowing you to easily change the speed of audio and comes with some handy bonus features. Music Speed Changer Lite By M-Apps by the developer offers users precise control over the track they’re working on. It has the appearance of a professional tool. The tempo can be controlled precisely by using the corresponding slider or by entering the desired value manually. The same goes for altering the pitch.

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Users can precisely select the portion of the track they wish to work with by using one of two methods. Firstly, the start and end times can be manually entered. The precision is down to the millisecond. Users also have the option of dragging the grey bars which will be originally positioned at the left and right extremes of the screen in order to. The one on the left corresponds to the start, the one on the right to the end and the red bar in the middle indicates the current position.

Slow Down Music App For Mac

Pressing the A or B button causes the selection to narrow by pushing the corresponding bar closer to the other one. B corresponds to the end position bar while A corresponds with the start position bar. These 2 selection methods can be used in conjunction in order to quickly isolate the desired selection. After making a selection, you have the option of setting it to loop. Music Speed Changer Lite allows users to set their desired temp exactly and offers other effective precision controls such as start and end position selection.