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Rock guitar offers players more dialects, techniques and colors to draw on than any other style of guitar, bar none. Today's rock player needs tasty chops, a more sophisticated sense of rhythm and harmony, a bagful of rock techniques, improvisational skills and other essential tricks of the trade. And that's where Rock Tricks comes into play -- this interactive video course will seriously and quickly overhaul every aspect of your playing. Jeff Scheetz is one of the few top notch performing and studio artists who can also expertly communicate the what, why and how of modern rock guitar. Scheetz exploded on the scene a few years back as the 'Hot Pick' of all the major guitar pubs. He now tours the Jeff Scheetz band, has several CDs to his credit, authored countless educational articles and conducts clinics around the world.


Rock Tricks is a hands-on playing course, which guides the student through ten distinct rock rhythm patterns and variations, ten distinct solos and variations, essential right and left-hand techniques, rock guitar tricks and a very effective harmonic system for coloring your solos and improvisational work. No tedious theory or exercises, no long monologues -- you will rock your way through the course. Here's how it's presented. Ten essential rock techniques are broken up into two video lessons each. Each technique is first broken down step-by-step and then it is presented in context. The solo lessons demonstrate the solos, then breaks them down note-by-note, with several variations.

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Each pair of lessons (rhythm and solo) feature a corresponding backing track to practice over. Text descriptions provide overviews of the tune along with background on the style or technique.

1) PitchLab Lite: A free Android app available on Playstore. Simple interface, good app if you want a simple tuner. 2) Guitar Tuna: Another android application which not only serves you as a tuner, but also has various other uses like chord learning games (few of which need to be unlocked), metronome, chord charts etc. When you point to a note on a virtual page, GuitarNotesFinder will show you where this note is on an guitar and the other way around, if you click guitar, you will see the corresponding note.

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YouTube Kids - Android Apps on Google Play. Dec 14, 2017 YouTube Kids is a great idea. I do really like this app and have been dabbling since it rolled out. Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks App. I re-installed the app and now I can't access lessons. I'm already a subscriber on the website. Can I use the app? I paid for Full Access through the app, but I can't access all of the lessons. I purchased my subscription through the app. How do I cancel my subscription?

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