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We know that Apple is very strict about apps approval process, and we all know the story of applications rejected because of violations of the iPhone Developer Agreement. If you don't follow the rules, you're rejected. Simple, right? There are a few exceptions though, and you can blame the app review team or the lack of more specific rules in the agreement for them. Thing is, sometimes a developer works hard on an application, thinking it's perfectly compliant to the agreement, and then he sees his app rejected with no understandable reason.

Sometimes, someone forces Apple to remove an app - yeah, that, too. Now imagine this: there's a RSS feed publicly available on Apple's website and a dev builds an app around it. Anyone could build an app around it, being it a public RSS feed, available for free to everyone. In this case, we're talking about and an iPhone app developed by Jonah Grant.

Jonah developed an app to access the Trailers' feeds and display the results in a much more enjoyable iPhone-optimized interface. You can read descriptions, stream trailers, check out the movie poster and share the trailer. It's interesting, and it looks good.

It could be one of those apps Apple promotes on the App Store front page. Jonah: 'In May I started working on an iOS (universal, so it works on iPhone and iPad) app for watching movie trailers and viewing corresponding information about that movie such as the director, cast, synopsis, poster, release date, and an array of sharing options (email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter). I spent almost all of June working on it, almost every day. 100 hours of work, at the least went into this.

I was beyond proud of it. Probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. I’ve never played with an app that I’ve made for as long as this one.' So he submitted the app for approval, knowing that he wasn't doing anything against the rules. But, it got rejected. Because there's no public API for Trailers.

Wait, wasn't it a simple RSS feed? After he got the rejection email Jonah tried to contact a friend at Apple, close with the App Review Team, to see what he could do. Boom, the app went back into review - he thought it was going to be approved. Later, he received a voicemail about the second rejection.

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'In my response, I talked about how there are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of applications that scrape various feeds with content provided by Apple, such as featured applications or top 10 songs on iTunes. I called him about an hour ago to talk about my response. He told me that scraping iTunes feeds are strictly against the developer agreement. But the problem is, the feed that I use to obtain trailer information is not a part of iTunes. It’s from It’s basically a RSS feed, available to anyone who knows how to type in a URL. So I asked him why it is against the rules to use, even though it’s publicly available.

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