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Glo Bible App by Immersion Digital: Free Bible App for iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC. With Glo Bible, Bible reading is an immersive experience. This award winning, highly interactive Bible includes Interactive Multimedia, Photos, Videos, Images, Virtual Tours, Articles, Journal, Bible Reading Plans, Cultural & Historical Perspectives and other resources.

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Update: An was published on December 28, 2013. The Bible has always been a best seller, but the popularity of Bible-related apps for iOS devices is growing.

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Bible apps have been popular ever since the App Store opened its doors, and according to an article in The Atlantic (), BibleReader (reviewed in this article) recently broke into the top 10 highest grossing book apps for the iPad. There are hundreds of Bible-related apps in the App Store. This article looks at the top five apps for the Christian Bible. All of them are available for the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad, and all of them have free versions. In addition, four of the five let you add other versions of the Bible to the app for a fee. Bible HD Free,; iPhone/iPod touch, Bible HD from YouVersion is the simplest of the five apps. It lets you access most of the translations of the Bible, including the King James Version, New International Version, English Standard Version, Holman Christian Standard Bible, and many more.

Many of these translations are accessible off line, but you'll need an Internet to access some of them. BibleHD is great for reading and sharing the Bible with your friends. Bible HD shines in the reading plans it offers. A reading plan is a systematic way to help you read through the Bible. For example, some reading plans help you read through the New Testament in 90 days; others take you through the entire Bible in one year using a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and Proverbs. There are more than 22 unique reading plans in the app.

The iPhone version integrates with YouVersion (), an online Bible accessible to any computer with a Web browser. It's like Facebook for Bible readers, but while it is accessible via the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the app, the iPad version does not have this capability built in yet. Bible HD does a good job if all you want to do is read the Bible. If you need more advanced features, skip down to one of the other apps listed below. Logos Bible Software Free, Logos Bible Software is one of the pioneers in Bible software and offers Mac and PC versions of their program with some of the most advanced Bible study tools available. Logos has the largest Bible library available and offers some unique features for doing advanced study. The iOS version of the software is simpler and offers some of the functionality of its big brothers.

Logos has a huge library of related books and references that you can purchase and access with their software. Some of these resources are only available for the Mac/PC versions of the program, but more than a thousand are available for their iOS apps. In addition, you can get dozens of free books when you download the app and create an account on their Web site (). Some of the app's best features include its ability to sync your Bible reading progress with the computer version of the program; the Passage Guide, which finds every reference to a Bible verse in all the books in your library; and the Word Study guide, which can access all of your Bible dictionaries to show you the meaning and usage of important words in the Bible. Bible HD (above) and other Bible apps require you to be online to use them. Logos works both ways; you can download your books to your device or leave your library on the company's servers and read them while you're online. In addition, you can create custom reading plans for any book in your library on the Mac/PC versions of the program and download these plans The biggest drawback to Logos is price.